The G*Y BFF: Your Greatest Accessory


September 27 2013, Huffington Post

Tesco confirms something I’ve long suspected: my gay (I’m sorry, g*y) BFF is my greatest accessory.

It’s something we’re taught from an early age, along with ‘how to make him love us’ and ’10 top ways to do your hair that will drive him wild’: your friends are your most valuable assets in life. They’ll be there when you go for the edgy crop and he leaves you for someone with long tousled waves; they’ll be the ones to pick you up, dust you off and …read more




September 26 2013, The Huffington Post

Forgive me, fashion gods, for the hubris I’m about to commit, but it’s time we faced up to the facts: this summer saw some absolute fashion clangers. Working as I did for a fashion search engine throughout this troubling time, I saw the worst of it, gaining an invaluable insight into the stats for the most searched for, shopped and talked about trends. I was on the fashion frontline and it wasn’t always pretty. For every structured pastel sundress sought, there was a neon string bikini …read more