The College Tourist

This freelance journalist shares her secrets on how to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of fashion journalism.

By Lizi Woolgar, University of Bristol

When set the challenge of interviewing someone who has excelled in their line of work, I could think of few better than the lovely Amy Lavelle. As the former deputy editor of Spindle Magazine, Amy was one of the first journalists I was prepared to bare my soul to, with my earlier – and considerably sloppier – pieces of writing. Amy seems to have the unique ability of producing incredible work, yet remaining effortlessly humble and selfless (I for one know, from all the time she’s spent helping me!). Now working for Style In View, the freelance …read more




The Totality

Whilst I originally started the feature for the dual purpose of introducing my readers to new writers, bloggers they may not already follow and net based whimsy, (and allowing my frazzled brain something of a breather with one easy-to-write piece of content per week), today’s post strays even further from any altruistic intentions by highlighting a blogger who, in many ways, boasts a style very similar to my own. In short, with this entry to The Totality, whilst I am indeed toasting another writer I …read more