September 6 2013, Just Because I Love

Forget the kids back to school gear, the real question I am asking is, ‘what will you be wearing this term?’

I have been speaking with Amy Lavelle, the  StyleinView.co.uk resident stylist, about her top fashion picks for all you mums out there and today she is casting a little light about this seasons trends,  wardrobe classics and staples so you can look  chic and styled at the school gates, the kids of course are another matter…

What are the biggest looks for AW 2013?
*Takes a breath* Well, the answer to that monolith of a question in the shortest possible format would be: grunge; pink (not reserved for children, babies of indeterminate sex and Playboy bunnies. Find the right hue for you and it can suit any complexion); androgyny; 1950’s heroines (nipped waists and full skirts); sirens oozing dark glamour (velvet, leather, lingerie); punk; British Heritage (tartans, houndstooth); monochrome; fur; camo print; leopard print and.. Well, that’s enough to be getting on with.

What are the easiest looks to wear in the coming season?
That entirely comes down to what you already have in your wardrobe. Personally, I spend my winter wrapped in a faux fur coat and have a wardrobe of leopard print. But monochrome is probably the easiest, as most people are likely to own at least a couple of black and white items of clothing. 

What is the key to looking good but not over done, or scruffy, when you are a busy mum?
Staple wardrobe pieces that fit well and you feel comfortable in are key. A good pair of jeans, boots and coat (depending on the season) can be the basis of a lot of outfits and are easy to throw on when you’re in a rush. Going for classic pieces that fit your style won’t look horribly gauche as soon as the next fashion season rolls around and can be updated with key pieces from the current trends as and when. As much as I love experimenting with new trends, sticking to style basics when you’re rushing out of the house in the morning will keep you in good fashion stead. Plus, statement outerwear is always a good idea, if only because it distracts from the pyjamas you’re wearing underneath.

How can mums dress for their age rather than trying to keep up with the catwalk trends?
Bah! to the idea that you hit a certain age and suddenly certain styles are off-limits to you. Obviously I don’t advocate hitting the streets in a onesie or a crop top with knicker-length cut-offs once you get past the age of 25, necessarily, but ultimately, there’s no sudden cut off point where you must assume shapeless clothes in beige with elastic waistbands and shop exclusively at M&S.

I think the best thing to do is work out which trends appeal to you most each season and then take aspects of each to work into your wardrobe. Just because leopard print is in, for example, doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself in it; a statement jacket or shoe will do the trick nicely. Which is advice for any age. Mainly, you’re going to know what feels appropriate for you and your life, so trust yourself and your common sense when the new trends come in. I’ve been sharing clothes with my mum since I was a teenager and started buying clothes she would consider stealing, which has worked out nicely for my wardrobe, as people are forever complimenting her style.

If you only have time for one accessory, what would it be?
Toughie. Totally depends on the outfit, too, but ultimately, I’m a sucker for an oversized cocktail ring. They go with everything.

Is a tracksuit a no no on the school run?
It depends. Luxe sportswear is very in at the moment and dressing down smart bottoms with sweaters has long been a trend. See Max Azria’s collection for Herve Leger that included tracksuit bottoms and Jean Paul Gaultier’s options for AW13 for how to do this best.

Your husband’s 10-year-old option with cereal stains and baby vomit down the front that you like to wear as your PMS uniform, on the other hand, should be your little secret.

Just not velour. NEVER velour.

How about heels at the gates?
As long as you can walk in them, why not?

What is your key style rule whatever your age or look?
Work out your personal style and stick to it. Sure it’s fun to deviate occasionally and it will develop over time, but as a rule, keep it as a template in the back of your mind when you’re contemplating that neon PVC mini.

Happy fashion ladies, I am going shopping!