August 23 2013, Style In View

Summer is drawing to a close and so we are once again left considering the styles we will be wearing in the coming season. But this morning, it is not my own wardrobe I am contemplating, but that of men everywhere. For amidst all the hoohah of LC:M, colour blocking and berets as the hat of the season, one crucial item was left of the agenda, potentially leaving men everywhere hopelessly gauche, and it was up to one brave young man to single-handedly set rights to right and put it back on there. Harry Styles, I commend you.

Let us now come together as one with those (sometimes homicidal, always articulate) Directioners to thank the powers that be — God, his mum, Simon Cowell — for Harry Styles. Not content with simply conquering the pop industry, reshaping the frontline of cutting edge documentary with cinematic triumph, One Direction: This Is Us and putting the knickers of  girls everywhere in a twist (not to mention being rather adept at taking them off) young Mr. Styles has now turned his mascared eye to the fashion world: the final frontier?

Appearing at the premier of his aforementioned silver screen debut, many were quick to make note of the Burberry heart-print shirt he’s been seen in before (a fitting testimony to the thousands of hearts in attendance at the premier he set a-flutter perhaps?), standard skinny fit jeans/blazer combo and, this with a squint, lippie? Keener eyes have suggested he may also be wearing foundation —  early speculation puts Estee Lauder Double Wear as a sensible bet for that flawless coverage.

Suddenly, the media was a-gog with the news that makeup for men is a thing, as seen on Harry Styles. News of Tom Ford’s new makeup line for men was no longer a slightly absurd stunt, but eerily prescient. And early adopters of the craze, like Robert Smith, Boy George and those who’d been discreetly dabbing concealer under their eyes after long days for years, were sagely nodding their heads in vindication, while men who’d previously eyed their morning moisturiser with suspicion if the packaging wasn’t butch enough were left floundering at the new level of beauty routine commitment being demanded of them.

Yes, that’s right men: with one appearance, Styles has transformed the reps of makeup wearing men everywhere from slightly questionable/narcissistic/Russell Brand to chic.

For those who are concerned at how best to incorporate this into your own world, I suggest taking it slow: no need to go for the full TOWIE on your first time in the beauty chair. Instead, a light lip gloss, maybe a slash of mascara, a dab of concealer on those blemishes, will bring out your best features and disguise any minor flaws.

Harry, as a fashion writer, as a feminist, nay, as a woman I applaud you.