August 14 2013, Style In View

By the time you read this, I will not be in the SiV towers but on holiday (please, keep reading). This has thrown me into somewhat of a conundrum as I’m not doing the standard summer holiday location of somewhere hot and sunny, where all you need to pack is a few different bikinis (or in the case of Magaluf, just a thong and some ointment), but rather Dublin. Not only does this bring up the usual issues of what to pack for a city break — I can tell you now, every cocktail and party dress I own is coming along for the ride, regardless of the time away : number of dresses ratio and please don’t get me started on my footwear. There’ll be two suitcases, both mine. My travelling buddy can keep his requisite boxers and clean t-shirts rolled up inside my shoes. Trust me, there will be plenty of space — but, given that it’s Ireland, the greater conundrum of how to dress in this in-betweeny time of year, where it’s technically still summer, but you often wouldn’t know it from looking out the window, raises its ugly head. Yes, this is where I bring back the relevance to you.

I have thus compiled a guide on how to dress in this wish-washy, seasonal neither here nor there time, when the weather makes up its mind and then changes it again several times through the week. When you don’t want to invest in this summer’s trends, only to get an hour’s use out of them before they become hopelessly outdated, but when the thought of stocking up on cable knit cardis is just unspeakably depressing. And besides, chances are more than likely we’ll still see an Indian summer come October. So without further ado, here are the autumnal trends that you can wear now and still be totally prepared for those snatched moments of summer that we will doggedly hold out for. Or in other words, ‘Getting dressed: a guide’.

The good news is that many of the directional looks that we saw for SS/13 that we’ve been banging on about for months now are sticking around for the next season, so all of those floral dresses are going to continue to see you through for another season yet. Chunky knits and ankle boots will transition that dress nicely. Tights strictly when necessary and not a minute before.

Likewise, monochrome is also staying put. Break up the tedium and straddle the seasons with a heavier fabric in houndstooth or tartan check (both big for AW). Yes, this does mean the kilt. I don’t understand the aversion to it; I’ve always loved the kilt — a passion passed down to me by my mother, which now I think about it, is no reason to love it at all. Laura Bailey in a pencil skirt last year, however, is. Pool now open for how long it takes members of MiC to claim a Scottish heritage and bring out the ‘family tartan’ (likely by Burberry). Jamie Laing’s already shown us what he’s hiding under his, after all. Unfortunately for him, it’s very little.

Layering: a trend unto itself next season. Also the easiest way to dress for the British summer. So when you step out in a dress, two jackets, a statement scarf, socks and sandals, toss your hair at any raised eyebrows: you’re one step ahead.

But you know what they say about taking your own advice and I will instead be packing for every possible occasion that could be thrown at me, my suitcase full of everything from AW/13’s faux fur to a selection of bikinis.

And of course, the thong.