July 26 2013, Style In View

What a week it’s been, with Kate Middleton leaving hospital looking flawless as ever in simple cream wedges and a pretty Jenny Packham polka dot dress. And of course, giving birth to the future King of England, whom we also got a glimpse of. Sky News viewers may have also been interested to hear fascinating nuggets of information such as ‘That’s what pregnant women look like directly after giving birth [though I may know a few mothers who would contest at least that part of that sentence]: theydo still have the baby bump’, as well as taking part in a rousing at-home debate over what the Duke and Duchess’ main priorities as new parents may be, Sky News leading the discussion with the thought provoking, ‘Keeping the baby alive, I guess’.

But let’s get back to the important thing, here, which is obviously Kate’s outfit, this being what we were all really waiting to see, if my Twitter feed is anything to go by (which it obviously is). Sidebar, did anyone notice Prince William’s ugly-ass belt? Just me? C’mon Kate, sort that one out once —  reverting back to the oracle that is Sky News here — you’ve got a hold on that whole ‘keeping the baby alive’ thing.

Keeping her outfit demure, you’d think there wouldn’t be scope enough for a whole article on it, let alone the media frenzy that we’re all in the midst of. But that is where you’d be wrong, for though simple, Kate managed to use all her fashion powers that be and, through polka dots, used the dress to pay tribute to William’s late mother and baby Cambridge’s grandmother, Diana princess of Wales, who too marked her son’s entrance into the media eye whilst wearing polka dots.

We can only assume that this marks the beginning of the postpartum period during which Kate will continue to honour her late mother-in-law and really help highlight the parallels between the two by continuing this wardrobe symmetry. Thus, using this wizardry, our panel of experts here at SiV (me) have been able to predict the styles that we will be seeing Kate in over the coming months and thus, the cues we proletariats should also be taking where our own wardrobes are concerned. Girls, your credit cards to hand please: I also predict a huge rush on the following.

His and her styling: in the wake of this new birth, it is important to the nation that Kate and William promote a united front. They’ve already managed to do this through their fashion, emerging on the steps of the hospital in the same shade of cornflower blue. This was not something Diana shied away from either, one-upping her son and daughter-in-law by making this work all by herself, as she did with this his n’ hers outfit: the top part being his (styling as she was, one of Charles’ shirts and vests); the bottom, presumably her floaty, Laura Ashley-esque slip. Kate, don’t feel too bad, you’re following in the footsteps of a fashion icon.

Kate usually likes to keep her silhouette sleek and lady like. This, however, was not the forward thinking of the 80s, thus billowing sleeeves, ruffles and voluminous skirts ruled the day. This may of course be more appealing to a woman who’s recently given birth and already found OK! Magazine speculating about her weight loss regime on the front page, so let’s forget Diana’s penchant for the jodhpur for the moment and instead follow her cues here. She worked nary a pussy bow blouse, which should be an inspiration to us all.

Dungarees: a controversial trend, this, not least in the SiV offices, but one Diana rocked the first time round that is also huge for 2013. She cinched in her waist by accessorising with a piece of rope; perhaps Kate could update this look and choose a nice belt instead (and one for Prince William, while she’s at it). Other modern updates would include thedungaree dress.

Unfortunately, despite working in fashion, my lexicon does not include some of the words coined by 80’s fashion, so I will merely have to describe this fetching outfit as a polka dot (ah yes, I predict polka dots are going to be huge for Kate over the next year) jumpsuit befitting an oompa loompa, with an outsized collar with a cutting-edge razed finish. Modern day update: the onesie! I’m sure there’s one in polka dot too.

Unluckily for Kate, William was born in the 80s, which meant only one thing: the New Romantics. Obviously as a Royal, Princess Di couldn’t get into the war paint makeup in a big way, but if this suit isn’t an Adam Ant cast off, I don’t know what is. Kate, no real suggestions here.

What can I say: it was the 80s.