June 13 2013, Styleable

I’ll admit, I’ve donned some questionable items in my time through my love of fashion (photographic evidence has been subsequently destroyed), even those I initially thought myself above. Oh yes, I’ve laughed in the face of crop tops, punishing trotter feet high heels and dungarees, but then decided I actually quite liked two out of three of those at least.

I’ve since discovered my threshold for the acceptable is really rather low.

But despite my unassailable susceptibility to the right marketing, I never thought that even I would be swayed by a piece of fashion brouhaha like the skinny jean — hints in the name, no?

An item by its very design is made to draw attention to my most troublesome body areas. Not for me, thanks, I’ll pass: even I know my limits, it’s this same attitude that has prevented me from leaving the house naked after all. But lo and behold, here I am. Again.

Ah, fashion likes to challenge us and to be fair we’ve given as good as we’ve got. For years we’ve gamely taken this idea and made it our own: showing that hey, even those 5 foot something’s of us with ‘problem areas’ can work a pair of skinny jeans and look entirely sex-able doing it. Skinny jeans: not just for skinny people after all.

What’s more, I like to think that fashion has seen this and responded accordingly – stop measuring your calves (who knew they were an issue before the ultra skinny fit?) and try a new leg shape out: a wide one that hints of the 70s and is really ever so flattering and easy to wear (…it looks simply darling with a blouse and wedge heel!)

But here’s the real kicker: this is the moment we’ve taken to dig in our heels and draw the line. We’ve made this work and now we rather like the skinny jean. Sure, we’d all be a bit more body comfortable in a wide leg and yes, they really are both chic and flattering. But who wants a jean that can be worn regardless of whether you’re having a fat day, which might actually make you feel a bit better about yourself?

Pfft, not us.

Sorry fashion, this is where we part ways. See you next season.

..Does my bum look big in these?