January 10 2012, Style In View

The fashion sales may well be continuing (and we will continue to dutifully bring news of them to you via Facebook and Twitter) but let’s face it: all that’s left on the shop floors by now is a graveyard of clothes unwanted and unloved, plus a mounting inner rage that will curdle deep inside of you as soon as you see someone dithering over that beige hemp smock two sizes too big for you which, at that price, you simply cannot do without. (Unless you’re living in a commune in the 70s and have abandoned shaving your armpits in order to gain a greater unity with Mother Gaia then, trust me, you can). So, let’s delicately step over these two shoppers brawling on the shop floor — who don’t realise the best bargains are to be found on the online world now —  and be on our way.

If you’re anything at all like me (and I suspect you are of far greater calibre but bear with me) you may have overdone it this festive season,  thus me telling you that the crop top is due to make a return will likely have you lobbing your laptop out the window, or at least snorting derisively and switching back to those Facebook photos of you on the beach last summer. So instead, let’s turn our attentions to a trend that you can not only embrace now, but will set you up for the months ahead.

January is the month of the detox and what better detox from the garish festive brights than the all-white ensemble? Since the reinvention of the white stiletto last year (Chloé and Céline paving the revolution from cheap to chic) the colour — or more to the point, lack thereof — has been making a comeback into collections and onto the catwalk in a big way. Simone Rocha embraced the “purity” and “unruliness” of youth, and sent models down the runway in school uniform inspired skirt suits, while Christopher Kane and Magaret Howell also kept palettes simple in their  SS/13 collections.

Layer trench coats over pencil skirts now then be ready to strip down to floaty dresses in organza and chiffon when the weather warms up.

Now, granted there are those among you who will dismiss this one at the off set for the inherent impracticalities (be wary of the implications of puddles, splash-able foods and all small children), so to you I say neons, which are also set to be huge this season. For those that aren’t that way inclined, though, consider the minimalist approach a safe haven from those brights.