November 9 2012, Spindle Magazine

I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of leaving smudgy nose prints on the window of an AllSaints store, breath misting up my view of whichever new collection I’m currently stalking (having spotted it nonchalantly draped over the models in their ad campaigns whilst flicking through a magazine) now to be found insouciantly yet ever so tantalisingly displayed within, before politely being asked to leave by the store manager because I’m (and here comes the polite cough and a devastatingly disdainful glance)dribbling on the pavement…

Since it launched in 1994, AllSaints has become synonymous with cool Brit chic; a brand that is often both instantly recognisable− whether that means we’re pounding the pavements in desert boots or slipping into a buttery soft leather biker that feels as if it was hand crafted out of the hide of new born babies− yet retains its air of aloof exclusivity. Or at least it does if your bank account is in a similar shape to mine.

Phrases like ‘impossibly trendy’ and ‘achingly cool’ are often bandied about, with no little help lent from the many tabloid images of celebs stepping out in the very outfit you were considering foregoing rent and living on a diet exclusively of Lidl’s Own baked beans for the next few months in order to acquire. And those would be the hip celebrities too, whose style you may actually admire; God, don’t you jut hate them? Sigh, I feel like we’re on the same page here: kindred spirits of the shopping kind (which as we all know, is the best kind).

But let’s stop here for a second, hating on the rich and fabulous whose lives we could live so much better and appreciate so much more if only we had the chance (cough, Jaden Smith and Kingston Rochdale), right? For it is here that AllSaints have announced a new advertising campaign completely different to those that have come before. For the first time, they have announced a decision to steer clear of the celebs and instead focus on championing new British creative talent. This change of direction comes with the recent appointment of a new CEO, William Kim (previously of Burberry). It’s no secret that championing emerging talent is the ethos of Spindle too, so we were more than a bit excited to hear about this news and get a chance to hear from some of the faces that are to be featured.

Marques Toliver (violinist and singer, whom you may well recognize from his Jools Holland appearance) is just one of the brand’s new representatives who was more than happy to elaborate on his personal favourite items in the new collections, exclaiming, “OMG, like all the coats, honestly all the coats that aren’t leather: they are so streamline and how they are cut with all the angles, the Richmond coat I was wearing in the first campaign: I love that.”

Model and singer, Sophie Dickens, who can be seen modelling the Villiers leather trench− “The leather’s so soft”− and Valkyrie tuxedo jacket and trousers− “Awesome. I love AllSaints clothes”− added that the clothes make her feel: “Cool, the obvious word, and stylish but effortless.” Which could almost be the brand’s mission statement.

Of course, Marques may have said it best, encapsulating the very feeling we all at the very least aspire to when our faces are smudged against that window, when he said that AllSaints clothes make him feel: “Fierce. Wearing Allsaints makes me feel more fierce actually, because I’m already fierce.”

That’s fierce. Agreed?