March 2012, Spindle Magazine Issue 5

When it comes to discussing heritage, Team Ghost have a pretty hefty one of their own making, which is fairly hard to ignore.

Front man, Nicolas Fromageau co-founded M83 with Anthony Gonzalez, before leaving the band in 2003. Moving from his native South of France to Paris, he formed Team Ghost in 2007 with Cristophe Guérin and Jean-Philippe Talaga (M83’s former manager).

“We took a lot of time to find our sound and the right musicians. Now we’re five on stage, and we sound better than ever!”

It took the band three years to hone their sound before they released their debut EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me, a record that combines the shoegaze electronica we’re used to with M83, with post-punk, krautrock and dark synth pop. “We try to make pop songs (ok maybe weird pop songs), mixing guitars and electronic sounds. It’s a mix of all our influences: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Tangerine Dream, The Cure, lowdive.”

But it must be fairly irksome for a new band doing good on their own terms to be constantly ompared to their former incarnation, however inevitable that might be. “I guess it’s normal, at least for the moment. We only released two EPs, and some songs do sound a bit like M83. I guess it will change when we’ll release the first LP, which will sound way darker and more “rock” than Anthony’s sound. Anyway, I’m ok with that because I’m still a huge fan of M83.”

Then how about their National heritage? Asking about where they get the best reception, either on native lands or further shores, I get a resounding:“England! It’s always a pleasure to play in your country; people are really into music. It’s a bit more complicated in France: the public is a bit colder I guess. In the UK, everybody is drunk so early, it’s easier.”

With their first full length record on the way in the New Year, Team Ghost may be on their way towards disassociating themselves from their M83 heritage and establishing themselves on their own terms. “We just recorded our first album. It will be released in January 1st guess. I’m very proud of it, it’s gonna be HUGE!”

In the meantime, “Thanks for your interest, cheers!”