Spindle Log

March 2012, Spindle Magazine Issue 5

Her mum may still call her Kristine, but the rest of the world knows Miss Flaherty as K. Flay. Not to mention as one pretty impressive chick who single handedly raps, sings, plays guitar and creates beats, as well as making mix tapes comprising remixed tracks overlaid with her own lyrics.

She also knows how to bake a cake without flour. That’s a pretty cool skill to have.

“To bake a cake without flour all you need is something that will allow it to rise and will give it that substance and in a flourless cake that’s just egg whites… Chocolate flourless cake is one of the best things ever.”

The nickname she acquired at college – Stanford to be exact, which is also where she found her feet as an artist, getting involved in the Bay Area rap scene.

“It was just kind of something I did, you know. I didn’t consciously think about what I was doing or even try to experiment that much with my sound.” But while she may have an affinity with hip hop, she doesn’t swear allegiance to any one genre. “There’s definitely a strong hip hop component in the lyrics and in sort of the structure of the songs and kind of the drumlines and a lot of the backbone of the beat. And then there are also some electronic components and the fact that I really use a lot of synthesizers for a lot of the melodic sounds in the songs. And then an indie component as well, I think, sometimes coming in through sample.”

Her mashed up style and unique blend of sound is attracting all kinds of attention, getting her stage time with both Ludacris and Snoop, but she has yet to sign herself over to any one label. Her recent publishing deal with Sony though is nothing to sniff at. “I don’t have a label right now, I’m still kind f figuring that out. But it’s been cool because a big kind of component of what I’m doing too is production and writing, not just for myself but trying to do that more for other people too. So it’s cool to have kind of a support system.”

This is one to keep an eye on.