Spindle Log

June 2011, Spindle Magazine Issue 4

It’s the perfection issue so who is better for it than the next big boy band of the moment, The Wanted? They already have a calendar, a book deal (‘the most wanted book of the year’), a prestigious slot on the X Factor alongside the Bieb and are generally making JLS quiver in their cardigans.

And really, how long has it been since we all had a chance to have a good old fashioned bitch about a boy band? You know how it goes; manufactured groups thought up in the mind of a music mogul, with hands-framing-their-thrustingcrotch dance moves, wearing dungarees sans shirts. Well, I said it’s been a while; granted now it’s more a rainbow array of American Apparel hoodies and dog tags. But now the rumble the is boy band is back and The Wanted are just laying it out there for us again.

The Wanted epitomise everything the boy band is supposed to be about; five pretty young men, thrown together after a mass audition who wear waistcoats and say deep things in interviews like ‘my guitar changed my life’, who have massive, commercial, co-written musical success and go on to hook up with the adjacent girl band counterparts. But let’s be serious: easy as it is to mercilessly ridicule and mock such boy bands, sorry, wait, they’re a ‘lad group’, it must be tough for the guys to be taken seriously, as I ask Siva (the indie one) and Jay (the curly haired one). Do you ever think there’s too much focus on your looks?

“Yes,” says Jay. Okay then. “But that goes for every artist, you have to accept that more people with check you out if you look like what your sound is. Indie bands are styled ‘indie’ and we are styled ‘pop-ish’.”

Really, it’s a minefield of negative stereotypes for them to navigate their way around.

“The usual 1) girlfriends 2) who’s the gay one 3) boy bands that mime,” Siva points out. So, let’s get it all out there now: the rumours about The Saturdays are rife and their line on miming is firm: “Singers should sing live.”

As Jay says, “it’s not about overcoming them, it’s about accepting them. Some people think we are just pretty boys, some people think we’re too ugly. People always get criticism and you ignore it or learn from it or shave

your head.”

Meanwhile, with the help of Steve Mac, Guy Chambers and Taio Cruz on their debut album, last year their first single went straight to number one. And now the charts are under the threat of another onslaught as they return to the studio to co-write their second album. “On the first album we co-wrote with various different writers and worked with some brilliant producers. Now with the second album we’re really enjoying being back in the studio writing again,” Siva says.

Could the rumours be true? Amidst this flux of women could it finally be time for the return of the good old fashioned boy band to our MTV screens, stealing the limelight back? “Its time for us to take it! I would personally like to hear a new different male voice capture the UK. Love all the quirky females out currently but where’s the male Gaga?” Jay asks. “We aren’t the male Gaga,” he adds.

If The Wanted are anything to go by, the return of the boy band may not be limited to the options shat out by the X Factor each summer. In the meantime, may the debate over who’s the gay one rage on.