Spindle Log

February 2011, Spindle Magazine Issue 3 

“I can imagine that this is on par with getting your dream fixed by Jimmy SavIlle. After 6 years of working hard and playing harder It fills me with comfort  to know that it’s now starting to pay off my debts.”

Meet Amy Forrester, AKA AMiTY: Brighton’s resident one-woman band.

While it wasn’t always music for AMiTY (“as a tot, my mind was too busy on football and kiss chase”) since learning her guitar chords, she’s become a fixture on the local touring circuit, earning a reputation as one of Brighton’s finest due to her propensity to pick up any instrument on stage close to hand and her bare all with her lyrics.“ After performing songs about past lovers and one night stands in front of my parents of all people, there are no skeletons left to bare.”

But, having been a fixture on the Brighton circuit for some time, the New Year will see Ms Forrester retire to her Wolverhampton bedroom.

“I’ve come to a point where I need to take a step back, slow down and put my thoughts back together. I was finding myself performing the same set and falling

into the overplaying Brighton trap.” So instead, it’ll be home cooked meals, and a chance to create some new material, before she re-launches herself onto the scene.

“My aim is to come back stronger, better and hopefully wiser. For 2010 my goal was to tour the UK, which I independently achieved. For 2011 I want to be all over the festivals like an overpriced burger van.”